Type C Connector- The revolution in the USB cable


With ongoing revolution in the technology, there has been a certain revolution with USB cables as well.

Type C connector, also called as USB-C  (formally known as USB type C) is a 24 pin USB connector system with a two-fold rotationally symmetrical connector. The USB-C was published by USB Implementers Forum which was finalized in August 2014.

Initially Type-B connectors were used as charging medium for mobile devices which were replaced by USB-C  which come with boost charging for smartphone Technologies. USB-C provides high speed data transfer with a transfer rate upto 20 GBPS.

USB-C cables are capable to carry more power and charge larger devices like laptops. In addition it is also used by the Thunder Bolt 3 Standard which offers higher peak data transfer upto 40 GBPS. There’s much more to the USB-C than 24 pin reversible connector, but apparently this feature makes it more attractive to the electronic consumers.